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  • There are days

    There are days that writing comes more difficult than others. Nevertheless it’s good to push a little bit and get it done.  How about you? What did you blog about today?

  • WordCamp Split

    I’m heading to Croatia to attend WordCamp Split this weekend. On Friday I’ll be leading a workshop about public speaking and on Saturday I’ll be speaking about growth methodologies in distributed environments. See you there!

  • On ghosting

    We all agree it’s fun to say hello. A hello has the bright promise of a beginning. It’s the perfect occasion to express your genuine pleasure at a friend’s arrival. But who among us enjoys saying goodbye? None among us! Not those leaving, and not those left behind. Fun article on Slate on the best…

  • Never Split the Difference

    I have just finished the book “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depends on It” by Chris Voss. There are many key lessons about listening and understanding people. Highly recommended!

  • The Little Museum of Dublin

    Today I visited The Little Museum of Dublin. I highly recommend a visit.

  • Cognitive Ease and The Illusion of Truth

    Another great video by Veritassium. Don’t miss itQ

  • How I almost quit eating meat and I’m still alive

    For a long time I wanted to reduce my meat consumption. I was always postponing my decision, you know, taking such a move it felt so difficult and I really enjoy eating meat. A couple of months ago I decided to try a full month without meat. I made it simple and I committed to…

  • WordCamp NOLA: See You There!

    I’m so excited to be speaking at WordCamp NOLA on the 13th of August 2016. I’m presenting on how running a daily photoblog for over a year made me a better photographer.

  • Heading back

    I spent the last few days in California and it was a blast. Time to head back to Vienna, where next week we’ll kick off WordCamp Europe 2016! See you there!

  • Arnie and me, on Snapchat

    At the gym where I train there is a giant picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was born in Graz, a city situated one and half hours from Vienna, so Arnold is considered one of the epic heroes in the weight lifting world in Austria. Arnold Schwarzenegger had an amazing life. He became a professional body…