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  • Enterprise Marketing 2.0 Amsterdam – My workshop about blogging

    [youtube] I will coordinate a workshop about blogging in Amsterdam on the 13th of october 2011. More info on KGSGlobal

  • Power Outlets are the new Wi-Fi

    Assuming that every airport in the world (as much as every hotel) is offering Wi-Fi connection (free or paid) to the travelers, most of the time is very complicated to find power outlets to charge the devices. I think that power is a primary need and there’s room for some intelligent solution to it. By…

  • Tonight at Online Tuesday #18 in Amsterdam

    Tonight at 19.30 I will be speaking about vertical search engines and people search at Online Tuesday #18 in Amsterdam. I will be in Amsterdam until friday to attend the Picnic Festival 2011. If you are around send me a tweet at @lucasartoni and we can go for a coffee.

  • I don’t have any agent

    Some weirdos at probably harvested my name somewhere on the Internet and claim they represent me as my agents for events, promotions, appearances. This is bullshit. Just to make clear. I don’t have any contract, relationship nor acquaintance with these people. You want to hire me? fine, this is my email: That’s it.

  • Enterprise Marketing 2.0 – Amsterdam 12-13 october 2011

    In today’s connected economy, your business is only as strong as your network. And it’s not quantity but quality that matters the most. KGS Global, as usual, is organizing a rock solid event to explore in great depth the evolution of today’s marketing best practices, putting the attendants in direct contact with the best industry…

  • Picnic Festival 2011 – See you there

    [youtube=] I’m going to attend the Picnic Festival 2011 in Amsterdam on the 14th, 15th and 16th of september 2011. I will cover the event on 123people blog, and on twitter. If you are around just let me know. See you there! If you are interested in attending the conference, you can have a 20%…

  • Jade Summer Meeting 2011 – Vienna

    I have the pleasure and honor to be one of the keynote speakers at Jade Summer Meeting 2011 in Vienna. The event will stat tomorrow until sunday at the Tech Gate Center. My keynote speech is part of the opening ceremony on friday and on saturday I will coordinate a workshop about presentation skills with…

  • Why I cannot live without Clipperz

    I cannot live without Clipperz because in my daily life I use more than 300 unique 26 characters-long passwords. And the only way to manage all of them is Clipperz. I’m not going in details with features and stuff because you can try it yourself, I just want to say that my life with Clipperz…

  • Tesco: Why taking people to the shop when you can take the shop to the people?

    [youtube] What Tesco did in South Korea is simply genius. They took shops to the people instead of the old opposite way. Brilliant!

  • La Red Innova 2011 – see you there

    Tomorrow and the day after I will be in Madrid to attend “La Red Innova 2011“. Very interesting program and speakers’ line up. You can follow my live photoblogging on Flickr and on Twitter. The official tag is #LRI11.