Brace Yourself

Winter is coming and warm sweaters are back. Am I really going to write about sweaters and weather? Yeah, why not?

When I decided to start this writing journey I didn’t know what I was going to accomplish. I’m ten days in and things flow quite smoothly. I find my ten minutes every day, even when I have planes to catch, cars to drive, trains to board. In the last ten days I have been to four different countries in two continents, nevertheless I’m writing every day.

I’m currently in Austin, Texas, at a business retreat. The place is absolutely gorgeous, a lakeside estate with beautiful villas. There is a BBQ on every terrace and a terrace, sometimes two, in every condo. It’s great.

Last night we had Brisket for dinner and it was amazing. I had never had such tender juicy beef before. I might get addicted to it. On the way from the airport, after 18 hours in the air, we stopped at a burger place and I had one of the best burgers ever.

We live in such exciting times. We can work from any place, go any place, and just with a few clicks we can get the best advice from unknown people regarding food and commodities. Ten years ago I would have probably stopped at a Mac Donalds on the highway, now I get timely advice according to my food preferences.

We should praise the present and being excited about the future. The past is reassuring, but it was boring, no matter what they tell you.

Life is about going forward. And forward we go.





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