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  • How to ROLL through stressful times

    How to ROLL through stressful times

    A hundred thousand sharp pieces to pick up. That’s what’s left of that Ikea plate. On top of that, a once delicious sandwich is now bleeding mayonnaise on the tiles, as the final act of a tragedy that started on the countertop and ended too early, on the floor. Any other day it would be…

  • The Stone of Clarity

    The Stone of Clarity

    When I was a kid, I used to live on a farm with my parents and grandparents. My grandfather worked the fields. Every day he left early in the morning only to come back when the sun was setting. My grandfather had lived through the hardness of World War II. He had to leave his…

  • The Belgian Shuffle

    The Belgian Shuffle

    In 2012 I was invited to speak at a conference in Brussels, Belgium. The event was held at the European Parliament building and I was honored to run a workshop for a student’s association. I had never been to Brussels before, so I thought it was a great opportunity to taste Belgian beer and eat…

  • On Using Pronouns

    On Using Pronouns

    When I was asked for the first time about my pronouns, I was confused. English is not my first language, so I thought this was one of those subtle things they don’t teach in school, just like the correct use of “actually” or “literally.” I am a white/cis/male. I grew up in Italy during the ‘80s…

  • The living room effect: virtual togetherness

    The living room effect: virtual togetherness

    << Dead? What do you mean dead? >> Herbert was no more. A phone call broke the news, on a cold Sunday morning. Herbert and I went to high school together. We used to ride our bikes along the shoreline, and we spent long afternoons together at the arcades. After graduation, we drifted off. I…

  • From Good to Great: the One Piece of Advice on Public Speaking by Carmine Gallo

    From Good to Great: the One Piece of Advice on Public Speaking by Carmine Gallo

    Carmine Gallo is a three-time Wall Street Journal bestselling author, internationally popular keynote speaker, Harvard instructor, and leadership advisor for the world’s most admired brands. Carmine Gallo’s books have been translated into more than 40 languages. At the beginning of 2011, I was in San Francisco to speak at a tech conference, and after the…

  • The Newsletter

    I’m working on a weekly newsletter, as a companion for this blog. I’ll publish more long form here, and I’ll offer links to cool projects, videos, books, and nerd goodness on my newsletter. If you are interested in staying up to date with my discoveries, join now and don’t miss a single bit!

  • The Art of Letting Things Go

    The Art of Letting Things Go

    “Do you really want to go?” He asked. We had been in that room for four and a half hours. He had pulled every rabbit out of his hat to have me stay at the startup that we had founded together just the year before. The summer was brutal. My team crumbled under the unnecessary…

  • The Magic Cube Resolution

    The Magic Cube Resolution

    In 1974, the Hungarian mathematician and sculptor Ernő Rubik invented a surprising puzzle, “The Magic Cube,” that became the best-selling toy of 1982. You probably know it as the Rubik’s Cube. After more than twenty years from its inception, I met my first cube while lazily wandering in a department store. It was standing there,…

  • The opposite of noise

    A few years ago, I was writing on this blog. Very often, let’s say, at least once a day. At that time, blogs were a few platforms where ordinary people could publish their thoughts without incurring unnecessary costs. For the first time ever, your journal was coming out from the depth of that drawer, projected…

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