.blog domains – last day of landrush

If you want to have a .blog domain, like I do, and you are particularly keen on having a cool domain name you have always been dreaming of (mine was luca.blog, obviously), you should consider the idea of participating to .blog landrush.

What is .blog Landrush?

Landrush is a period of time where you can express interest on a .blog domain and pre-register for it. If at the end of that period nobody else applied for the same domain, it is yours. Otherwise, if other people claimed the same domain, you are admitted to an auction on Sedo.com to decide who’s going to get it.

Landrush for .blog domains ends on the 9th of November 2016, at 15:00 UTC.

How about the price?

.blog domains come in different prices. Standard price is around 30USD/year, then every retailer can have different prices and different offers. Premium domains are priced higher, to make sure only people who have legitimate interest in such domains are going to get them.

On top of the standard registration, if you participate to Landrush, you have to pay a one-off pre-registration fee of 220 USD. This happens only once and only if you end up getting the domain. Because…

It’s risk free!

If you happen to lose the domain because it was reserved, or you don’t participate to the action, or you participate to the auction but you don’t win, then you get all the money back. This creates only two outcomes: you get the domain, or you get the money back.

Where shall I apply for Landrush?

I highly recommend to apply at get.blog, because I contributed to it and I know how well it works. But you are free to apply for landrush on any domain retailer that supports .blog landrush. If you choose another retailer, a few details about prices and conditions may apply.

You only have one day to secure your domain during landrush, don’t miss the opportunity, or on November 21st, when .blog domains will be available to the general public, you might find that someone else got your dream domain. Think about it…


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4 responses to “.blog domains – last day of landrush”

  1. askmanig Avatar

    Looks like wordpress took most of good domains for themselves and still list those domains available for registration. Support is poor with email response time of 48 hrs and No number to reach to them. I did pre-register few domains during landrush and i did not get any email about the status or auction. Even for the one which they said i got, They don’t have system where i can set the dns.

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      Hey there!
      As far as I can tell you, the support works well, just inquiry at help@get.blog and you’ll get all the information you need.

      1. askmanig Avatar

        I have sent bunch of emails over last one week and I just got one reply so far that they will update me in few days that too after 48 hrs. They should atleast have support ticket system to track which requests are answered. I am jo sure how you set DNS for your domain. According to their response looks like they did not setup their DNS system yet.

        1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

          I’m sure they’ll be back to you soon.

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