Arnie and me, on Snapchat

At the gym where I train there is a giant picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was born in Graz, a city situated one and half hours from Vienna, so Arnold is considered one of the epic heroes in the weight lifting world in Austria.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had an amazing life. He became a professional body builder when body building was not a job and people were telling him it was impossible to make a living with it. He moved to the US and became a movie star when people were telling him that it was impossible to be an actor with that funny accent. He started a political career and despite everybody telling him that was impossible for someone like him to achieve any result, he became a Governor of California, one of the richest states in the US.

It doesn’t matter if you are fan of Arnold or not, he really had a remarkable career and he pulled off so many results, despite everybody tilling him it was impossible.

He was featured in many movies and YouTube is full of clips with him, but you know where I like to watch him?

Let me tell you: on snapchat.
He publishes very day, from everywhere in the world. He still has the same heavy Austrian accent he had in the movies, but he’s so much fun to watch.

I joined Snapchat a few months ago and after the initial confusion (the UI is a bit puzzling at the very beginning), it became an interesting distraction. I rarely check out Twitter, unless I get a mention, I’m limiting my Facebook time, but I like to spend a few minutes every now and then checking out what my friends ar up to on Snapchat. 

Give it a try. 





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  1. Ritu Avatar

    Never used it…. I may have been convinced to give it a try! 😊

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