34 years without Apple Watch

I spent 34 years without the Apple Watch, here is my review.


I mostly know the time at any given moment of the day because a few devices have a handy clock incorporated into them. My phone tells me, my computer tells me, my microwave tells me (I don’t have a microwave, but I don’t have an Apple Watch either, and that this post is about the Apple Watch, not microwaves).

Fitness Apps

When I workout I tend to sweat, even without an Apple Watch on my wrist. This should help me expelling toxins (I feel so detoxed right now) and cool down my body. I don’t know exactly my heart frequency but I noticed that it increases when I put extra effort in lifting weights.

If I run I get tired, a little less if I ride my bike, but it depends on the distance and the gradient of the terrain.


I turned off notifications from my phone, I might do the same on my Apple Watch. Or maybe not. I have not decided yet.


I tend to glance at my wrist, no big changes so far: the hand is still firmly attached to my arm and that’s the way I like it.

Battery life

So far so good.

Main reasons I don’t have an Apple Watch

The main reason I have spent 34 (almost 35) years without an Apple Watch is partially depending on the fact that for the vast majority of this time span the Apple Watch had not been invented yet. Another reason, covering the last few days, is that I have not purchased an Apple Watch yet, nor do I have pre-ordered one. The third reason I don’t have one is no one has given me one yet.


I might get one soon, but given the amount of reviews I’ve seen popping up online, I didn’t want to deprivate the world from my personal review about not having an Apple Watch.





9 responses to “34 years without Apple Watch”

  1. Paolo Avatar

    Thank you for this thorough review. You didn’t mention anything about the wristbands though. I was wondering if, not having an Apple Watch, it was better to not buy a Sport band, a Milanese loop, or the stainless steel Link model?

    In general, when I don’t buy something, I go for the most expensive model, so that I spare more money, but I’d love your opinion.

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      Thank you Paolo for raising the topic. I spent quite some time thinking about the type of band I would like to have with my Apple Watch and not having one yet I have to say that the lack of Milanese Loop looks exactly as great as the lack of the more expensive black stainless steel band. I’m not sure I like the lack of the gummy sport band, it looks cheap even in its absence, but maybe I’m just overthinking it. I heard you are a non-possessor of an Apple Watch as well, which band do you prefer not to possess at the moment?

  2. Karen Avatar

    This is the best Apple Watch review I have read so far 😀

    1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

      Thank you Karen, I really appreciate. I was a little worried about being too enthusiastic about the Apple Watch, I didn’t want to sound too biased. I did not receive any compensation to write it, this is important to say it loud in case someone is wondering about it. However I’m totally available to sound even more enthusiastic about the Apple Watch if someone provides me one for free.

      1. Karen Avatar

        When you find someone to supply you with one, feel free to ask for one for me too.

        1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

          Sorry but in case there are two available, guess what, I have two wrists. But if there are three then, we can talk about it.

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