3-2-1: my 2018 in Review

I’m not a fan of new year’s resolutions but I took some time to reflect on the year that had just passed.

Three things I did well in 2018

I got married

In September Letizia and I got married. It was the very best day of my life and I had the chance to experience something unique. For the first time ever, all of my friends and family gathered under the same roof to enjoy a day together.
The preparation for the wedding kept us busy for the previous 7 months, but it was totally worth it. We’ll always cherish this memory together.

I got a coach

In august I started a professional development path with a coach, and it was really great. I realised how important it find someone who can help move up to the next level. The same way it happens in sports, a coach is not going to do the work for you, and it’s not giving you a magic potion. A coach helps finding new directions, opportunities, and answers, simply asking questions, exploring arguments, and focusing the conversation on what matters. A good coach does not leave any stone unturned and forces you face fundamental questions about yourselves. It was empowering and somehow liberating.

I picked up free-diving

In March I signed up for a free-diving course that ended in June. It was an amazing experience that opened up a new world of opportunities. I am fascinated by my aspects of this discipline and I definitely got hooked to it. I’m just at the very beginning of this adventure, and I can’t wait to developing it further.

Two things I did not well in 2018

I gained weight

I’ve struggled with my weight since I can remember. I’ve had these 10kg of extra weight on me for my entire adult life, but now getting closer to my 40s things won’t get any easier in trying to get rid of them. This year, on the contrary, I gained a few kilos more, and it’s not good.

I neglected photography

This year I did not take as many pictures as I wanted, and definitely not as good ones as I wished. For many months my camera collected dust on a shelf, while I was busy at something else. Photography has given me great opportunities in life, and amazing joy in the past. This year was definitely bad, on that aspect.

One thing I’ll focus in the next three months

In just 9 days I’ll take a sabbatical leave from work. Letizia and I will leave for three months, exploring New Zealand and the pacific islands. The plan is the hike and dive for the entire time, not bothering with anything else. I already deleted Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook from my phone. I’ll delete more apps as soon as the sabbatical kicks in.

I won’t post regular updates of the sabbatical, and until mid April 2019, this blog will fly in autopilot, with a few scheduled posts. I will probably read email once a week or so, or even less frequently.

I’ll have my camera with me, but I’ll select and publish photos only at the end of the trip.

Until then, take care, and be well!





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  1. Doug Avatar

    Sounds like an amazing sabbatical awaits you, Luca – enjoy!

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