iPhone Security code: four is not enough


I just found out a nice trick for all of us who don’t own an iPhone 5S yet and we are still using a security code for our lock screen. I’m sure you know you can choose between two kind of codes for your lock screen: a four digits code or a full alphanumeric password. […]

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Bruce Schneier – The security mirage

You don’t need slides to present your ideas. Enjoy this awesome presentation by Bruce Schneier!

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Photography is legal: stop the bullying

Street Photographers in London, facing the security comedy. Enjoy.

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Why I cannot live without Clipperz

I cannot live without Clipperz because in my daily life I use more than 300 unique 26 characters-long passwords. And the only way to manage all of them is Clipperz. I’m not going in details with features and stuff because you can try it yourself, I just want to say that my life with Clipperz […]

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Nascondere cose, dentro altre cose

Secret Stash from yiting cheng on Vimeo. via Schneier

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