How to organize a great event: Lisanne Vos from KGS Global on The Sartonialist ep5

Enterprise Social 2.0

Lisanne Vos from KGS Global is giving us three tips on how to blast your audience and make your event unforgettable. No matter which industry you are organising it for. Enjoy!

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Scott Berkun: an open letter to speakers

After “An Open Letter to Conference Organizers“, Scott Berkun published a very interesting “Open Letter To Speakers“. If you are a speaker at any public event, I’d suggest you to read it: Your mistakes on stage are your own fault. You are a performer. Good performers don’t blame their tools. If your laptop flakes out, […]

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Speakerwiki – Review me!

SpeakerWiki is a very nice wiki about public speakers. If you attended one of my presentations, please review my profile :) Don’t be shy and let me know how i can improve my skills! Your opinion is very important to me. Visit SpeakerWiki and drop a line.

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This is Ignite, baby!

Ho organizzato il mio primo evento ignite in occasione del RomagnaCamp, dedicando un paio d’ore del pomeriggio a presentazioni rapide e strutturate. E per l’occasione ho preparato una presentazione Ignite anche io. Per questo mi sono entusiasmato doppiamente: sia perché è molto divertente seguire le presentazioni altrui, sia perché è eccitante cimentarsi con questo tipo […]

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