Powering Business Sites with WordPress

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I’m going to tell you a story you’ve probably heard before and it goes like this: You have a friend who has a shop, a restaurant or a yoga studio. He has heard about the wonders of the Internet and one day, he asks you to help him set up a website for his business. […]

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Bruce Schneier – The security mirage

You don’t need slides to present your ideas. Enjoy this awesome presentation by Bruce Schneier!

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Carmine Gallo about passion, vision and leadership – The Sartonialist ep 6

Carmine Gallo

Don’t miss the new episode of The Sartonialist with Carmine Gallo! It’s a great episode you should definitely check out on my brand new dedicated podcast blog! Now it’s possible to subscribe the feed and as soon as Apple reviews the application, the podcast will be available on iTunes as well.

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Shodan Reprise opening speech

This is my opening speech (in italian) at Shodan Reprise in Ravenna. Thank you Alessandra for the opening and Fargo for the hospitality. Enjoy!

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Speakerwiki – Review me!

SpeakerWiki is a very nice wiki about public speakers. If you attended one of my presentations, please review my profile :) Don’t be shy and let me know how i can improve my skills! Your opinion is very important to me. Visit SpeakerWiki and drop a line.

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Presentation Reloaded: Workshop in Milan – 30/11/2010

I have to confess, i’m a presentation geek, and in the last few months i worked hard on my presentation skills. I followed several blogs and read many books on this topic. I also started, in collaboration with RBC and Elastic, the project. Tomorrow, tuesday November the 30th, at Urban Center – Galleria Vittorio […]

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Matthias Lüfkens – Twitter Diplomacy – WBF2010

My friend Matthias Lüfkens and his presentation about World Leaders on Twitter. Terrific presentation at #WBF2010. Check it out!

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